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Our expert staffs are skilled in precision haircuts and styling that range from simple to the most complex – and are up to date on the newest styles and latest trends.

Hair Extensions that we do are so realistic, That you can’t even tell that’s an extension, Yes we can do that!!!

  • Hair Cut With Blow Dry AED 120+
  • Hair Cut AED 80+
  • Child Hair Cut AED 30+
  • Blow Dry AED 80+
  • Blow Dry With Style AED 150+
  • Hair Styling AED 100+
  • Hair Wash AED 50
  • Hair Color AED 120+
  • Root Touch Up AED 80+
  • Full Head Highlight/Low Lights AED 30+
  • Half Head Highlight/Low Lights AED 80+
  • Hair Ombre AED 150+
  • Hair Extension* AED 100+
Best Deals


AED 150

Any Hair Treatment + Hair Cut + Blow Dry with Style and Get Free Hair Wash

AED 200

Hair Color/Highlights + Hair Cut + Hair Wash + Blow Dry & Get Free Foot Spa


Your lashes, actually protecting them from wear and tear, allowing your lash to continue to grow. As your own lashes grow, so will the extensions. Eyelash Extensions have a life cycle up to 8 weeks, and you don’t have to worry about damaging them !
We use very high quality synthetic lashes which will not weigh down your natural lashes, and bonds every artificial lash with a medical grade adhesive to your own natural lash. This procedure increases the length and width of your own lash, giving you a thicker, fuller, longer lashes !!!

  • Individual Eyelash Extensions AED 400
  • Individual Eyelash Extensions Refil AED 150
  • Eyebrow / Eyelash Color AED 60


“Life is not perfect but your nails can be” – Our nail services include manicures, pedicures, and shellacs, as well as international standard nail art.

We use long-lasting nail products and go the extra mile to ensure a comfortable and hygienic environment.

  • Classic Manicure AED 60
  • Classic Pedicure AED 80
  • French Manicure AED 100
  • French Pedicure AED 120
  • Gelish Manicure AED 120
  • Gelish Pedicure AED 140
  • Normal Polish AED 30
  • Chrome Mirror PolishAED 60
  • Hand Spa AED 50
  • Foot Spa AED 60
  • Paraffin (Hand) AED 70
  • Paraffin (Feet) AED 90
  • Acrylic Nail Extensions AED 300
  • Gel Nail Extensions AED 300
  • Acrylic / Gelic Nail Extensions – Refill AED 150
  • Fake Tips AED 100
  • Gel Polish AED 65
Best Deals


PACKAGE B – Mani/Pedi
AED 100
PACKAGE B – Mani/Pedi

Classic Manicure + Classic Pedicure & Get Free Foot Spa


Whether you’re getting ready for your first bikini or Brazilian wax, or are looking for tips and tricks to make your next bikini wax as luxurious of an experience as possible, we’ve got you covered!!!

Not only does waxing remove hair, it’s a physical exfoliation that removes lifeless surface skin cells, which means you’re receiving hair removal and skincare all in one.Because you are removing hair from the root and exfoliating the skin, after a wax, you’ll probably find that your skin is now among the smoothest things in your life

  • Full Body Waxing (Exc. Bikni Wax) AED 200
  • Full Arms AED 60
  • Full Legs AED 80
  • Half Legs AED 60
  • Bikini Line AED 70
  • Full Bikni Wax AED 100
  • Full Back AED 100
  • Under Arms AED 30
Best Deals


PACKAGE D – All about hands
AED 150
PACKAGE D – All about hands

Full Arms Waxing + Basic Manicure + Hand Paraffin Get Free Facial Scrub + Underarms Waxing

AED 100

Full Arms Waxing + Full Legs Waxing & Get Free Underarms Waxing


At Cloud Nine, we believe in rebuilding your skin rather than breaking it down by using personalized skin care treatments developed by Dr.Renauds trusted skin care expert for Acne, Dull Skin, Wrinkles & Fine Lines.

Be spoilt for choice with our extensive range of skincare treatments.  Our rejuvenating facials promise radiant and healthy skin through cleansing, contouring, moisturizing and sometimes the use of modern facial equipment’s.

  • Basic Facial AED 150+
  • Gold Facial AED 250+
  • Dermabrasion Facial AED 250+
  • Dr Renaud’s Facial AED 300
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PACKAGE D – All about hands
AED 150
PACKAGE D – All about hands

Full Arms Waxing + Basic Manicure + Hand Paraffin Get Free Facial Scrub + Underarms Waxing


Massage therapy is manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being. There are dozens of types of massage therapy methods (also called modalities).

People seek massage therapy for a variety of reasons – to reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, and promote overall health and wellness.

Come to Cloud Nine and try for yourself!!!

  • Full Body Massage (1 Hour) AED 150
  • Head/Back/Hand Massage (30 Mins) AED 70


There’s no going back once you’ve popped your eyebrow threading cherry. Seriously, it’s a one-way ticket to better brows no matter what you’re starting with.

If you are a virgin to the ancient Indian hair removal technique, let us enlighten you. The cotton-twisting treatment is not at all scary, but because it’s nice to know what to expect,

  • Eyebrow AED 15
  • Upper Lip & Chin AED 25
  • Forehead / Sides AED 25
  • Full Face (Exc. Eyebrows)AED 50
  • Full Face Shama (Exc. Eyebrows)AED 75


Skin bleaching refers to the use of products to lighten dark areas of the skin or achieve an overall lighter complexion. These products include bleaching creams, soaps, and pills, as well as professional treatments like chemical peels and laser therapy.

There is no health benefit to skin bleaching. Results aren’t guaranteed and there’s evidence that skin lightening can result in serious side effects and complications.

From a medical standpoint, there’s no need to lighten the skin. But if you’re considering skin bleaching, it’s important to understand the risks.

  • Full Face & Neck AED 50
  • Full Face & Neck (Kurkum) AED 80
  • Arms AED 70
  • Legs AED 80
  • Full Body Bleach (Exc. Face) AED 200
Best Deals


PACKAGE D – All about hands
AED 150
PACKAGE D – All about hands

Full Arms Waxing + Basic Manicure + Hand Paraffin Get Free Facial Scrub + Underarms Waxing


Makeup procedure is performed with the traditional method by using a needle to place pigment into the skin. The process includes an initial consultation to discuss and demonstrate the most flattering shape and color then application of pigment.

Everyone! Both young and the chronologically gifted (elderly) that desire a soft,
natural enhancement to their appearance. It is especially beneficial to people who
can’t wear other cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities.

Here in Cloud Nine our staffs make sure you get the best of best!!!!

  • Day & Night Make Up AED 250
  • Party Make Up AED 500
  • Smokey Make Up AED 500


Henna can also refer to the temporary body art (staining) based on those dyes (see also mehndi). Henna has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool and leather.

Here in Cloud Nine, we make even the difficult pattern to look easy as our staffs are well experienced and trust me they have the steadiest hand ever.

  • Hands AED 50+
  • Legs AED 60+
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